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Scott Perroncino, Director of Business Development Click to email me Click to email me

Ph: 1-855-528-3700

“In expanding our referral network, I am always looking for partners who focus on finding funding for clients for business improvement.  We seek partners that are involved in adding value to their clients’business or practice.”

In this position he is responsible for maintaining all relationships with new potential clients and agents and expanding KatalystFP’s alliance network.

Scott worked for many years in the import/export industry, and served as a partner and manager at a Customs Brokerage company. Mr. Perroncino also has a successful entrepreneurial background, having launched and run a trucking and capital lending company which provided the tri-state area delivery services and funding advancements for freight shipments. From 2003 until 2007 Scott also served as the Chief Financial Officer of a multi-national freight logistics company.

Scott received his Bachelors degree in History from Arizona State University.