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KatalystFP’s Electronic Financing Solutions are tailored to meet the financing needs of Businesses looking for Fast and Easy Funding.

We offer financing to B2C or B2B clients, as longs as you take your receivables electronically (credit cards, insurance, eft’s or any other electronic payment) you can can leverage those receivables and get financing quick.

  • Financing quicker than traditional sources (within a week)
  • Must take receivables electronically (Visa/MC, Amex and Insurance)
  • Must have been in business a minimum of 6 months
  • Minimal paperwork and financing process (unlike traditional loan process)
  • Perfect credit is not required and NO collateral needed
  • Industries financed: Medical, Retail, Restaurant, Service, Franchise, Hospitality and many many more.

See our testimonials on how we helped our clients.  Or contact us at 1-855-528-3700 or email us at to get started.