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Being a KatalystFP referral agent is an excellent opportunity for business professionals who have an existing clientele portfolio to provide another layer of support and assistance.  By being able to offer your existing clients access to the financing products by KatalystFP, you will be providing another layer of service that your clients will appreciate. A referral agent does not require a lot of time and will not take away from your current business.  Referral agents only need to supply KatalystFP with the name and contact information, and we will take it from there.  Compensation is paid if the lead is successful and is funded.

For An Agent

The best way to begin your process of becoming an agent or helpin–g your clients is to contact Scott Perroncino (1-855-528-370) our Director of Business Development.-

Scott will determine if you are better suited to being a Referral Agent or Full Agent.

Referral Agents – Referral Agents prefer to pass on contact name and information of a client who may be interested in financing.  Referral Agents do not sell the deal to the client and are not involved in the information exchange between KatalystFP and the client- KatalystFP does all the work.  These relationships are suited to brokers and service providers who are trying to help a customer but do not have the time or ability to do work associated with closing a transaction.

Full Agents – Fully Agents (if deemed qualified by having experience selling in this industry) are required to conduct all client contact and submit full client packages including signed application, statements and all verification materials required to close a transaction. Full agents handle all client communications during the process of quoting, underwriting and closing.  Agents may want to start as referral agents and graduate to full agents if they feel they would like to commit the time required.

In order to become an agent submit your contact information or contact Scott Perroncino (1-855-528-3700) to find out more about what we can do together.