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Advertisement Financing

KatalystFP helps advertisers get longer term commitments from clients by offering substantial discounts. Our advertising finance program makes it easier for companies to maintain their clients for a longer period of time by financing the advertising upfront, so their clients are then committed to a longer period of time and able to then see the long term effects of how consecutive marketing campaigns work.

We work with each company individually to customize packages that allow potential advertisers to purchase these longer term campaign programs at a discounted rate, which allows the client to see the advantages without your company having to worry about collecting payment for each campaign because you receive the money from us upfront.

Although some business owners are unaware, EVERY business even medical practices needs to allocate funds for advertising, marketing and merchandising. Advertising is directly correlated to higher sales, clients and patients. Using funding through KatalystFP can not only help you with the funding of these advertisements but also introduce you directly to marketing and advertising agencies that we have relationships with locally, regionally and nationally.

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