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About us

Do you remember the time when the company financing your business actually took the time to learn about it and actually cared how your business did? Well those days are back.

KatalystFP is a boutique financing company that finances small to medium sized companies and becomes your short-term partner. What do we mean about short-term partner? KatalystFP offers a broad spectrum financing programs that can help your business (find out how our process works here). We only get paid when you get paid. Therefore, it is our best interest to make sure our financing helps your business grow. That is why we take the time to understand your business and its needs. We are tied to your success. See what our clients say about how we help.

KatalystFP’s team has a diverse background and is there to offer advice and allow you to bounce ideas off of. We will take the time to learn of additional opportunities that your business may have. This belief is why Sharmila, our CEO, founded Katalyst. We will see if we can help you utilize our financing to make those opportunities a reality.


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